Web Design and Programming


Summer Tree Designs offers a wide array of custom web design services at competitive rates. From personal blogs, to eCommerce websites, Splash and Squeeze pages, to professional and business websites. Your website is your virtual public face; it’s the first thing visitors see and the sole basis for their decision to continue browsing your site or move on to the competition. Getting the web design right is one of the most critical elements in creating a successful web presence.

Web Design ‘Personality’

A successful web design is less of a business and more of an art, skillfully pulling together visual elements and functionality into a practical, attractive package that moves visitors to not only stay on site, but also buy, share and enjoy the content and elements that are presented to them.

Programming ‘Making It Look Easy’

Behind the scenes of a web site is more than just graphics and text; a delicate balance of programming, layout and function must take place to present your site in its final format.  Visitors don’t want to know or understand that part, they just want to be amazed and touched by the end result, and a skilled web designer can create that awe while allowing your visitors to feel completely satisfied in the ease of use and accessibility of information.

Let us take your website from so-so to “Wow!” with our talented designers and experienced programmers.  Your website can stand out and make an impact, whether it is for business or personal use, going from being just another website to the one that gets talked about and shared.

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